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Originally introduced into the Scalamandré line in 1937, this beloved damask has withstood the test of time.

Love Bird is an authentic reproduction of the fabric used in the curtains of the Apollo Room of the Raleigh Tavern at Williamsburg, Virginia.

Learn about Love Bird's history below and explore the updated color palette.


Love Bird

Offered in 100% silk, this rich quality makes sumptuous casements, luxurious light upholstery and wall upholstery.

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Love Bird Color Pairings

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Love Bird fabric ticket from 1937.

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Love Bird Color Pairings

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"The Apollo Room of the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg was the meeting place for radical members of the House of Burgesses in 1769 when the Governor of Virginia dissolved them for seeming contempt. Here they formed an early non-importation association in Virginia.

This was not to be the last occasion on which the Apollo room served revolutionary purposes. In 1773 the Burgesses met, under the leadership of Patrick Henry, to consider a committee of correspondence through which the resistance in Virginia would coordinate with groups in other colonies. In May of 1774, members once again found refuge at the Raleigh, when then Governor Lord Dunmore dissolved the Burgesses, as a result of their defiant resolutions against the Boston Port Bill.

The Raleigh, established in 1717, had long served as a focal point for community life. Named after the founder of the Virginia colony, Sir Walter Raleigh, it was the sight of a great many balls, banquets, community meetings, and business gatherings. The original structure apparently survived until 1859, when it burned down."
The illustration above was crafted by Benson Lossing around 1848.
Raleigh Tavern as seen today. Photo: Morgan Riley.

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Original Love Bird fabric sample from 1937.
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Love Bird Color Pairings

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Raleigh Tavern's Apollo Room, 1935.
Drapery featured, Love Bird.

The Apollo Room at the Raleigh Tavern was the frequent scene of both jollity and consequence. Dinners and dances rivaled in elegance those at the Palace and burgesses reconvened at the tavern when they were dissolved by royal governors prior to the Revolution. Burned to the ground in 1859, it was reconstructed from published illustrations, insurance policies, and archaeology that uncovered most of the original foundations. Interior furnishings and decor reflect curators' views in the 1930s as to what Williamsburg's historic interiors may have looked like in the eighteenth century. Fabric Restoration: Scalamandré.

John D. Rockefeller Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Photo: F.S. Lincoln.

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