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  1. Inspect all shipments carefully upon receipt for correct color, design and yardage BEFORE CUTTING. Regardless of fault, all returns must be authorized by Scalamandré management. Merchandise will not be accepted for credit, unless specifically approved by management and NO merchandise will be accepted without a return authorization number, or “RA”.
  2. Merchandise will not be accepted for credit once it has been cut into, fabricated/upholstered.
  3. Claims for labor charges will not be allowed under any circumstance.
  4. Merchandise will not be accepted for credit after 30 days.
  5. Claims must be brought to our attention within 30 days of receipt of goods.
  6. There is a twenty-five percent (25%) restocking fee for all stocked merchandise returned, unless otherwise authorized by management.
  7. There is a fifty percent (50%) cancelation fee/restocking fee for European Stocked orders, unless otherwise authorized by management.
  8. Merchandise will not be accepted for credit once it has undergone a process such as flameproofing, water repelling, stain resistance, piece dyeing, etc. Process selection is solely at the discretion of the purchaser. We will not be held responsible for outside processes which have changed our products.
  9. Special orders and non-stock product orders, such as reordering a discontinued product, will not be accepted for credit.
  10. Fabric or trimming less than 10 yards will not be accepted for credit.
  11. Single rolls of wallpaper, or leftover rolls from an order, will not be accepted for credit.
  12. Velvets, flat taffetas and leathers will not be accepted for credit.
  13. Orders, which require a deposit, may not be accepted for credit.
  14. Products which must be put into production or imported for your order may not be returned.
  15. Authorized returns should be returned, prepaid to: Scalamandré, 220 Boling Industrial Way, Calhoun, GA 30701.

Customer Service

How do I submit a claim for damaged and/or defective product?
- You may submit a claim for damaged or defective product by sending a detailed message in regards to the damages to our claims department at

Product Education

Light fastness: What do light fastness hours mean?
There are a few different industry standard tests to determine the lightfastness durability of fabrics, making them suitable for outdoor use. All test the fabric with exposure to UV light.

AATCC 16, Option 3 Test
The AATCC 16, Option 3 test rates the lightfastness in hours. The hours rating of each indoor-outdoor fabric does not mean that it will fade after that many hours of natural sun exposure. The rating indicates how many hours of accelerated ultraviolet / weather exposure the fabric received under this standardized test, which is usually AATCC 16, Option 3. This test uses an accelerated weathering system machine (weather-o-meter), which exposes the fabric to a very high intensity of light (using a xenon arc lamp) with all spectrum UV, in addition to water and changes in temperature and humidity. The rating on the fabric indicates that it withstood that many hours of such testing without any significant fading. Normally, a fabric that passes 1500 or 2000 light hours will be suitable for outdoor use for at least 3 years, and conceivably longer, depending on the exposure to light and weather.

Blue Wool Scale
The Blue Wool Scale exposes the fabric to a similar UV light system comparing a standardized blue wool fabric to any fading in the tested fabric. The Blue Wool Scale has a rating of 1-8. Fabrics suitable for outdoor use will test between 6-8.

Grey Scale
The Grey Scale also exposes the fabric to a controlled UV light system. It uses a gradation of gray fabrics to compare any fading of the tested fabric. The Grey Scale has a rating of 1-5. Fabrics suitable for outdoor use will test between 4-5.

What is Nano-finishing?
More than just a topical coating that is sprayed or applied, nano-finishing is applied to the fabric in a dip process, and the finish actually bonds with the fibers at the molecular level, providing long-lasting protection, even after repeated washings. It does not change the hand of the fabric, but each fiber is encapsulated, so that water or staining substances such as oil, wine, coffee or ketchup simply run off the surface or can be easily blotted and rinsed off with plain water.
What does “solution-dyed” mean?
Most indoor upholstery fabrics are created from fibers that are initially white or lacking in color, and are then dyed in a dip or bath process. With solution-dyed acrylic fabrics (which is a process developed in Europe in the 1 950’s), the coloring of the fiber actually takes place during its creation. A liquid synthetic solution (which may be acrylic, polypropylene or polyolefin) is combined with specific lightfast color, and the colored liquid is then extruded and transformed into fiber. The fiber never exists in a colorless state; the color is fully integrated into its composition. This fiber is then spun into yarn, and never needs to be dyed. The net effect is that instead of weaving yarn made of dyed fibers, solution-dyed fabrics are created from yarn already permeated with color, which has been tested for its light fastness. Sun exposure, wear and tear, and even bleach won’t affect that color.

Product Care

Fabrics and trimmings must be protected from the sun.
Draperies should be lined, also interlined when fragile fabrics are used. Shade should be drawn during the day, and awnings should be used whenever possible. Window glass magnifies the destructive elements in the rays of the sun. The winter sun and reflection from the snow are even more harmful than the summer sun. Trees and shrubbery help protect the windows. Sheer fabrics are expected to fade and wear in direct sunlight.
Use a reputable dry cleaner who specializes in home furnishings.
Dust has impurities which affect fabrics, therefore, vacuum fabrics often. Dry cleaning should be done at regular intervals before excessive soil has accumulated. Very few fabrics are washable. Interior Designers should recommend professional dry cleaners to their clients. Clients should not try to remove spots themselves. It is advisable to order a yard extra to use for test purposes by your local dry cleaner.
Be tolerant of normal fluctuations in lengths of draperies.
Few fabrics are completely stable. Fabrics breathe and absorb moisture, resulting in stretching or shrinking. It is reasonable to expect as much as 3% change in any drapery length. In a 3 yard length (108 inches), this would amount to 3 inches up or down under various conditions. Fabrics placed over or near a heating and cooling vent may react to a much greater degree, therefore fabrics are not to be held responsible for these types of existing environmental conditions.
Fabrics wear out – they are not indestructible
Wear will vary with the amount of use. Some weaves are stronger than others. A favorite chair will not last as long as a seldom used showpiece.
Applied finishes may help fabrics resist soil and stain.
Finishes help fabrics resist spotting, but they are not necessarily the end-all to every problem. Light colors are likely to benefit most. Dining room chairs will soil no matter what is used. A finish does not eliminate the necessity of properly caring for fabrics. Spots should be given immediate attention by a professional dry cleaner.
Synthetic fibers
Synthetic yarns have made impressive strides in advancing the technology of weaving, however, natural fibers remain our primary recommendation. Performance will vary with the construction of the fabric and its application.
Multiple width draperies, wallcoverings and bedspreads.
Because fabric unlike paper, is not a completely stable substance, it cannot be taken for granted that, whether printed or woven, the pattern will invariably be completely “square” upon the cloth. Although, in printing, every effort is made to avoid distortion, it will exist occasionally. Therefore, when planning multiple width fabrications, please make certain, BEFORE CUTTING, that the pattern alignment is adequate to produce a satisfactory result. This also applies to woven fabrics.
In the final analysis...
As it is in every industry, the integrity and experience of your supplier is your best assurance as to the intrinsic value of a textile or wallcovering, but it must be combined with the knowledge and understanding on the part of the designer, workroom and the consumer.

Terms & Policies

Receipt of Goods
Carefully inspect all fabrics, wallcoverings and trimmings shipments upon receipt. It is the responsibility of the decorator to confirm with the workroom that the correct item has been received before work begins. Accessories, Furniture and Case Goods are final sale and therefore may not be returned or exchanged. Should you require assistance, kindly call our customer service department at: 1.800.932.4361, and we will be happy to assist you.
Stock items: Net thirty days on open accounts.
All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are wholesale. Shipping and handling are additional. Orders are shipped F.O.B., Scalamandré shipping point.
There is a two (2) unit (yard/roll/etc.) minimum per order. Cut fee of 20% may apply to orders less than the minimum quantity. Subject to management approval.
Scalamandré will accept limited reserves for 10 working days.
Approvals must be received within 10 working days or order will be canceled.
All canceled order requests are subject to management approval. Canceled orders where payments were accepted by credit card will be subject to a 3% credit card fee and will reduce the net refund amount due to the customer.
Discountinued Products
Products may be discontinued without notice. Please contact your area showroom for substitutions and special order pricing.
Substitution of Yard
Occasionally a yarn used in one of our fabrics is discontinued by our supplier without previous notice. We are, therefore, forced to substitute a yarn which is the closest possible match.
Standard Coloration
Colors will vary with each lot. Each one of our items has a master sample, which is matched as closely as possible. Bought and memo samples vary greatly in time due to oxidation of color, handling of fabric, pollution, fading and soil. Please request cutting for approval (CFA) if exact match is required. We shall be happy to reproduce any sample on a special order basis.
Coordination of Fabrics and Wallpapers
In the coordination of fabrics and wallpapers, all colors are originally matched as closely as possible. However, when ordering a fabric and wallpaper to match, or two fabrics, or two wallpapers, please request a present stock cutting of both items in order to insure your satisfaction. If the stock color of either item is not acceptable, and any changes are necessary, this will be treated as a special order.
Repeats of woven fabrics may vary slightly due to variation of natural yarn sizes and the unique character of the loom. If the repeat size is vital, please request exact repeat size of current stock when placing your order.

Custom / Special Order Information

Custom coloring of existing patterns
Custom coloring of existing patterns is available and encouraged. Minimums will vary depending upon products.
Reproductions & Custom Designs
Scalamandré has over 90 years experience in manufacturing. Our artisans will be pleased to assist you to reproduce any pattern.
Conversion of Existing Design
Scalamandré patterns can be converted to meet your specific performance and budget requirements.
Pricing and further details, please contact your local Scalamandré showroom representative.
50% REQUIRED WITH ORDER. The deposit is non-refundable. Client will be billed for balance of order prior to shipment of completed order.
A 10% overrun may be shipped and invoiced.
Returns are not accepted for Custom or Special orders.
Scalamandré shall not be responsible for any processes of which our products may be subjected to after leaving our facility. We do not warrant our products as to compatibility with flame retardants, stain repellents and backing compounds, unless specified otherwise. We recommend a test sample be treated prior to treating your entire order.
Paper Backing
Is not recommended for sheers and horizontally designed fabrics such as repps, damasks and horizontal stripes, as paper backing will cause distortion and affect horizontal matching at trim line.

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