Old World Weavers

Elements 6 - Indoor/Outdoor

Designed to withstand the elements, this collection features a range of high-performance, indoor/outdoor fabrics with lightfastness qualities and easy cleanability. Durable and stylish, the fabrics of The Elements 6 Collection are in harmony with nature's palette, highlighting classic earth tones with added pops of energized color. Highly textural plains and various scaled styles ranging from an extra-large panel to small scaled motifs are refreshed, resulting in down to earth, timeless indoor/outdoor designs.


Nature Précieuse

A signature collection inspired by the flamboyance of the natural world, and its beautiful details. Colors, textures, and light change throughout the seasons and are reflected within the designs of the Nature Précieuse Collection, with graphic interpretations of natural materials, delicate grasses, and dynamic landscapes.


Contract 23

Contract 23 is a collection that takes an elegant stance. A combination of classic textiles composed of the noblest materials, twisted and tweaked; turning them into a textured fantasy. The Contract 23 Collection is inspired by the lifestyle of an esthete and curious gentleman of the previous century.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Un Monde Parfait

Un Monde Parfait is a collection of wallpapers that invites you to experience a world where the earth, water, stars, and fire all live together in harmony. Immerse yourself in the journey from the phenomenal, unfathomable world of the oceans teeming with life, to the exploration of planets and dreams in outer space.


The Wall - Premier Chapitre

A beautiful adventure into pattern, materials, textures, and light which will cover the walls of the most exquisite interiors. The Wall – Premier Chapitre Collection will complete Lelièvre’s fabric collections with style, revealing a mix of new techniques and creations, as well as the exploration into iconic patterns from the Lelièvre archives.


Grasslands - Vinyl

Designed to imitate the appearance of a traditional grasscloth wallcovering, these styles provide the charming aesthetic one seeks from grasscloth but without the delicacy. Grassland Vinyl Wallcoverings provide easy maintenance and exceed the Type II contract specifications, making them ideal for high traffic contract and hospitality areas in need of a durable product that adds character and warmth.

Old World Weavers


Experience the wonder of the Malay Capsule Collection. An assortment of prints inspired by Indonesian batiks and the rich history of Malay, these designs convey a focus on nature and the experiences one encounters in this country. Exotic motifs are offered in enticing colorways and combinations that captivate all who come across this collection. Satisfy your wanderlust and embark on the Malay Collection.


Novanta Passementerie

On the occasion of our 90th anniversary, Scalamandré is proud to present Novanta, a signature assortment of traditional passementerie inspired by archival classics. An array of cords, tassel fringe, brush fringe, braids, and bullion are a quintessential resource for discerning designers. Couture-inspired palettes include nuanced pastels, jewel tones, wintry neutrals and smoky hues. Colored to coordinate with the best of Scalamandré fabrics, these timeless styles can layer together subtly, or be placed in bolder ways to create memorable accents.


Terra - Vinyl

Introducing Terra, a vinyl wallcovering collection from Scalamandré inspired by the subtle beauty of nature’s textures. Terra offers a diverse assortment of vinyl wallcoverings that capture a tactile sensibility. Rendered in a range of sophisticated neutrals, these designs evoke interpretations of water droplets, pebbles, tree bark, and beyond. Suitable for soft contract and residential usage, the vinyls that make up the Terra Collection are enticing yet durable, modern yet grounded.



Our signature Zebras motif is now available in vinyl wallcovering! Known today as Scalamandré's most iconic design, Zebras has proven to be an industry favorite and beyond as it remains highly used, and highly recognized across the world. Originally designed in 1945 for the opening of a family friend’s restaurant on the Upper East Side, Flora Scalamandré used her charming aesthetic to produce an animated sketch of two Zebras leaping, fleeing politely placed hunters arrows on top a lively red color wallpaper. Since then, the Zebras design has grown in color offering, and has expanded to fabric for both indoor and outdoor, as well as the latest medium, vinyl coated wallcovering.


Colony Fabric 2019

Colony is a heritage Italian brand that is well known for updated classics. The Colony Fabric 2019 Collection breathes new life into traditional design through surprising material combinations and a broad color range.

Christian Fischbacher

CF Wallcovering Volume 1

Christian Fischbacher has developed a modern collection of non-woven wallpaper to complement other products within the brand, called Wallcovering Volume 1. The in-house design team creates this by translating our textile expertise into premium wallcoverings. Chic motifs ranging from geometric to botanical, make up this extensive collection of durable wallcoverings.



A capsule collection of digitally printed wallpapers showcasing fresh re-colorations of three signature archival designs. Beloved Scalamandré classic, Edwin’s Covey portrays a woodland scene, historic Andrew Jackson Floral features a romantic, stylized garden, while Lanai transports us to the tropics. Recast in a range of up-to-date palettes, the collection affirms the transformative power of color.

Nicolette Mayer

Blossom Chinoiserie

The Blossom Chinoiserie Collection is a group of exquisite patterns that evoke beauty, tranquility, and extraordinary elegance with a modern approach to the ancient tradition of hand-painted chinoiserie.



The Calabria Collection is an array of luxurious textiles inspired by the Italian heritage and homeland of company founder, Franco Scalamandré. Franco’s father was a textile importer from Calabria, a southern Italian region well known for its lush landscape and ancient settlements of monasteries and castles. On the occasion of our 90th anniversary, we retraced Franco’s steps to take inspiration from the area’s natural beauty and history of traditional design, and created the Calabria Collection.

Grey Watkins


Blossoming with life and color, the Flora Collection is inspired by French artist Pierre Bonnard's vivid, idiosyncratic paintings. Drawing upon Bonnard's unique use of color and intimate depictions of nature, Flora is a vibrant collection of prints and wovens that celebrates all things green and growing. With a youthful energy and painterly sensibility, Flora combines graphic small-scale patterns and bold floral prints in an assortment of natural fibers and exuberant colors. Archive documents are re-imagined to create vintage-inspired prints with a casual point of view. Textured, transitional fabrics supplement the patterned offerings for a subtle look, and multicolored geometrics bring a bright pop of color.

Old World Weavers


The Tundra Collection is a texturally indulgent, and luxurious assortment of textiles designed to provide comfort, warmth, and a cozy escape from the harsh realities of the outside world. As the polar ice caps enter our consciousness, our thoughts turn northward to life at the glaciers and the beauty of this stark landscape, offering endless inspiration to create this collection. An oasis created to indulge the senses, Tundra is inspired by all that warms one’s heart.

Boris Kroll

Calypso - Crypton Home

The Boris Kroll Calypso Collection is the essence of functional style. Finished with Crypton Home technology, each fabric in this collection is stain and odor resistant, extremely durable, and easy to clean. Innovative textures, snappy small-scale patterns, and solid velvets perform wonderfully in even the most active interior environments.

Nicolette Mayer

Regency Moderne

Palm Springs meets Hollywood glamour, in the Regency Moderne Collection. Pulling inspiration from film and lavish movie sets, as well as combining the boldest elements of modernism and 19th century French architecture, this glamourous collection features unapologetic color, regal motifs, and delightful energy.

Nicolette Mayer

Regence Redux

The Regence Redux Collection is a French regency collection anchored by an enchantingly fresh redux of the 19th century French wallpaper producer Jules Defossé’s garden scenes, which were designed by Edouard Rosenmuller.



Inspired by various elements of nature, the Dandelion Collection takes its name from the dandelion flower. An assortment of double-width sheers portrays a timeless naturalness through the aesthetic, drop, and color range offered. Sophistication, elegance, and subtlety are some of the attributes that define this collection.



The Bloom Collection is a celebration of life and love, inspired by nature and its biodiversity, specifically birds and the magic of the rainforest. The richness of bird feathers, a fascination with all things beautiful, and the contagiously joyful rhythm of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, undoubtedly encapsulates the essence of this collection.



The Nippon Collection is an interpretation of the Japanese wabi-sabi tradition. It is a tribute to the belief in the beauty of nature; pure and imperfect, with humbleness to the large amount of diligent work and immense precision put in the making of traditional crafts and creations, gardens and ceremonies. These patterns were born in the memories of a journey through Japan, its cities, villages, and scenery. Hand drawn and produced with inspiration from traditional Japanese techniques, these designs are truly unique.