The Wall - Troisième Chapitre

Introducing a harmonious assortment of wallcoverings with boldly unique motifs. A mix of fabric and paper backings, this collection was designed as the perfect complement to the brand’s signature Borealis fabric collection, employing a mélange of new and past iconic patterns. The patterns deliver a wildly imaginative collection, sometimes spectacular, but always timeless.



Inspired by the wild landscapes of Scandinavia, its designs conjure views of snow-covered forests, frozen lakes and deep, ice-locked fjords. Consisting of one tapestry, beautiful Jacquard fabrics, comfortable wool and linen loops and one fine wool twill, this contemporary collection of enveloping, soft and refined high-end fabrics alternately features figurative motifs, geometric patterns and faux plains.

Old World Weavers

Woodland Estate

A fabric and wallcovering assortment inspired by the signature, understated charm of a David Easton-designed cottage in Connecticut. The collection shimmers with whimsical embroideries, unfussy textures and color-saturated prints that layer effortlessly to (as the late Easton liked to say) ‘make a room dance.’


Handcrafted Lampshades

The House of Scalamandré presents an exclusive range of handcrafted soft-back lampshades in signature prints from Old World Weavers, Grey Watkins and Hinson. Manufactured and stocked in the USA, these quick-ship designer lampshades add a touch of joy and whimsy to any space. All our shades are self-trimmed in the matching print and fully fabric lined for ambient light diffusion and a luxurious feel.


Villa Dalarö 2

Delicate patterns in harmonious, gentle colors are scaled and mixed with deeper colors, clean lines, and soft checks. The atmosphere in Villa Dalarö II is consistent and timeless, filled with elements of sentimental values and history. A welcome botany of art and nature for your entire home.


Colony Wallcovering Volume 3

Always highly refined and elegant, this new collection draws inspiration from French, Venetian, Piedmontese, and Oriental styles, and features patterns that are found in some of the world’s most beautiful homes. Colony is known for their lampas, velvets, brocades, and silk fabrics, which are influenced by both their best-selling patterns and recent artwork developed for their textile collection.