Trio - Performance

Scalamandré presents the Trio collection, a group of tasteful yet practical high-performance textures. Being at ease is the greatest luxury, and these high-abrasion, fire-rated, easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics offer just that – peace of mind, without sacrificing style! No need to worry about making a mess: puddles of wine, smears of chocolate, and dabs of nail polish are all easily removed with soap, water, bleach or acetone. Available in a vast spectrum of colors ranging from earth tones to jewel tones, the Trio collection includes sophisticated and subtle designs designed to withstand the test of time.

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In the Japanese language Yumiko is defined by the word beauty. The details of beautiful landscapes, gardens, textures, and distinguishing colors of Japanese pictorial art were called upon when creating this collection of grasscloth wallcoverings. Yumiko represents a journey, and by doing that also represents the beauty of hopes and dreams.

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Contract 24

Imagine an enchanting evening in a venetian palace. Sophisticated geometrics, lush textures, and a fashionable color palette all contribute to the romance that is the Contract 24 Collection. Offering fire resistant products created for interior spaces and more, destined for hospitality use.

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The Wall - Jean Cocteau

Lelièvre is proud to pay tribute to Jean Cocteau, legendary French artist who marked the French cultural landscape of the 20th century, in a collection reflective of some of his most famous creations. Experience the artistic journey of Jean Cocteau through graphic shapes and figures translated from his work all the way to the wall, with The Wall - Jean Cocteau Collection.

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Nicolette Mayer

Arcadia: Enchanted Forest

Delightfully expressive wallpapers, that embrace novel contemporary themes of Animalia and exoticism. Fanciful jungle scenes of lush botanicals and enchanting wildlife graze each design within this collection, in signature Nicolette Mayer aesthetic. A utopia of grand mural motifs produced on grasscloth, whimsical designs printed on metallic cork, and more, harmoniously exist within the enchanted forest!

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Leaping Cheetah & Everett

A capsule collection that packs a punch, our wallcoverings were designed to define a room. Bold, graphic Leaping Cheetah offers a fresh companion to Scalamandre’s classic Zebra, while Everett is based on a watercolor painting for a softer look. Created from original artwork by the Scalamandre studio, these distinctive patterns offer unique and memorable looks for both residential and contract projects. Our Leaping Cheetah and Everett wallcoverings stand alone, define the room, and steal the show.



Scalamandré presents the Pacifica Collection, a diverse assortment of fabric and trimmings inspired by textile traditions of Indonesia and Japan. Dynamic interpretations of vintage kimono patterns and traditional batik become multi-hued prints, fine sheers, and luxurious velvets. A coordinating selection of embroidered and velvet tapes and cords can be chic accents or statements in their own right. Eclectic and accessible, the Pacifica Collection draws on the beauty of regional textile traditions to evoke global inspiration for today’s spaces, passports not required!

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Arv (heritage in Swedish) is a wallpaper collection created with pride of our the Sandberg history. With inspiration from the elegant Gustavian Swedish style of the 18th century, designed for the modern home of today. It is a classic collection with harmonizing colors and patterns varying from imposing greenery to peaceful settings. Emphasizing the Nordic light with airy motifs on a traditional white base. Arv is easy on the eyes, adding a decorative feel to the room.

Old World Weavers

Elements 6 - Indoor/Outdoor

Whether your preference is beachside or poolside, or possibly gazing out from the loggia, our Elements 6 collection decorates it all. Along with statement patterns, we offer a wide range of small scaled contemporary designs for broad use in seating. Named for the beautiful white and black sanded beaches on Tenerife and Costa Rica, the serenity of these blue oceans calls us back.

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Colony Fabric 2020

A balance of contemporary and traditional aesthetics, the Colony Fabric 2020 Collection offers updated classics in refreshing colorways, inspired by Japanese design and Moorish architecture.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Un Monde Parfait

Un Monde Parfait is a collection of wallpapers that invites you to experience a world where the earth, water, stars, and fire all live together in harmony. Immerse yourself in the journey from the phenomenal, unfathomable world of the oceans teeming with life, to the exploration of planets and dreams in outer space.



Irreverent and daring, this melody of fabrics transports bohemian glam to a fusion of classic elements and artistic textures. An assortment of translucent sheers, woven fabrics, exquisite embroideries, dazzling jacquards, outdoor and more come together through the vast exploration and use of different materials, colors, and design concepts. Selected designs within the collection hold contract or performance qualities, allowing the enthusiastic energy of Rhapsody to be enjoyed on both a residential and commercial level.



Truly a grouping of worldly fabrics, the latest designs from Alhambra draw inspiration from several continents, blended with the signature Alhambra aesthetic. Places like Manhattan, Tuscany, and Brazil are conveyed through native motifs and are offered in rich and rustic color palettes.


Chinois Chic

Chinois Chic is an exuberant collection of fabric and passementerie, that celebrates the centuries-old tradition of chinoiserie. Born of the West’s curiosity for Eastern design, this rich aesthetic marries a Rococo sensibility with an imaginative vision of Asian culture. Wild dragons, stylized florals and labyrinth-like geometrics gain new life in the natural fibers and crisp, clean hues of Chinois Chic. Striking an effortless balance between tradition and trend, this vibrant collection offers casual elegance with an age-old flair for fantasy and wonder.