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The House of Scalamandré’s clear sense of integrity has produced a rich heritage of uncompromising quality and excellence in not only the products created, but also its team. With 120+ employees and growing, The House of Scalamandré team encompasses the perfect blend of creativity, knowledge, passion, and dedication. Decades of experience in this industry are shared among the team, from our warehouse staff in Calhoun, GA, to our showroom representatives nationwide. The level of service, attention to detail, and craftsmanship of the luxury products presented to the design community would not be possible without The House of Scalamandré team members.


Louis Renzo

Louis Renzo
Louis Renzo was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Surrounded by hardworking individuals, Louis’s parents instilled a strong work ethic in him that has followed him throughout his career. Determined to make a name for himself, Louis started working at the age of 13 and went on to own that very same establishment by 21.

Louis spent his early years in the business world learning to innovate industries that were in danger of becoming irrelevant. This natural passion and drive brought Louis great success as he entered other endeavors. Through industry contacts and connections, Louis heard about the opportunity to purchase the illustrious textile house, Scalamandré. Confident in his ability to use his extensive business acumen to run the historical brand, Louis signed on as Scalamandré’s CEO in 2009 with his sons Christopher and Louis Jr. by his side.

Louis and Steven Stark had known each other for years before they began discussing the possibility of a partnership in 2015. It soon became clear that the brand presence of Scalamandré in the textile world would bring newfound exposure to the Stark Fabric brands, so a deal was made. The merger was finalized in 2016 with Steven’s son Chad Stark stepping up as Scalamandre's President. Louis runs the day-to-day operations as CEO, while Chad takes on strategy meetings and IT functions.

Today The House of Scalamandré continues to grow and expand, offering luxury textiles, furniture and lighting from all corners of the world. Looking toward the future, Louis recognizes the changing tides of the industry and is adamant on adjusting with these changes to fit the needs of today’s consumer, while also honoring our company history.


Chad Stark

Chad Stark
Industry thought leader Chad Stark has a unique perspective on the design industry. With experience in the startup and digital marketing worlds before joining his family in the luxury home furnishings industry, Chad manages the day-to-day operations at his companies as STARK's CEO and The House of Scalamandré's President. His background enables him to direct these companies in the digital age while focusing on providing the highest level of customer service to professional interior designers.

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