Transform your space into a lush, colorful paradise with fresh hues of the iconic Hinson Palm wallcovering.

Pattern licensed by CW Stockwell.

Hinson Palm in Blue Lagoon

Hinson Palm

Wallcovering: Hinson Palm in Blue Lagoon. Stool Upholstery: Backyard Bengal - Outdoor in Cobalt. Lighting: DISC CHANDELIER by BELLA FIGURA.

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Blue Lagoon Color Story

Take it to the max with

Hinson Palm - Aperol Spritz

Hinson Palm - Aperol Spritz

Wallcovering: Hinson Palm in Aperol Spritz.

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Aperol Spritz Color Story

or make it light,
and tasty with...

Hinson Palm Mojito


Hinson Palm Pairings

Mojito Color Story

Rich colors, bold pattern and plenty of energy abound in our extended palette. Easily one of the most recognized designs in the world, the Hinson Palm features a grand pattern of banana leaves that creates a tropical mood in any environment. This signature print is available on dimensional silver grasscloth, and paperweave, adding texture to a timeless classic.

Hinson Palm - Grasscloth in Silver Grey

Hinson Palm Grasscloth in Silver Grey

Hinson Palm Grasscloth in Silver Grey

Wallcovering: Hinson Palm - Grasscloth in SILVER GRAY.

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Silver Moss Color Story

Hinson Palm Paperweave

Hinson Palm Paperweave pairs perfectly with Hinson Madagascar

Hinson Madagascar

Used by Harry Hinson in his eponymous showrooms, this basketweave features natural raffia, woven in both the warp and weft, adding texture and dimension to the wall. Raffia fibers are sourced from the young fronds of the Raphina Raffia, a handsome Palm. Inner fibers are painstakingly split, peeled, combed and then knotted in preparation of weaving on a traditional village loom. Available in natural and whitewashed with a range of scale.

More than just a wallcovering, this iconic Hinson design features a flexible scrim backing that allows for use as upholstery on headboards, sofa bases, chair backs, and more. However it is used, this textural basketweave adds timeless appeal in classic and contemporary interiors.

Hinson Palm Pairings

Vert and Or Story

Hinson Palm Pairings

Sky Color Story

Hinson Palm - Green

Hinson Palm

Wallcovering: Hinson Palm - Wide Width in GREEN. Chair Upholstery: Spatter.

Hinson Palm Pairings

Greener Pastures Color Story

Hinson Palm Pairings

Island Life Color Story


More is more when it comes to this bold motif. Shop our matching throw pillows, ready to ship in 3-5 business days!

Hinson Palm Pillow
Hinson Palm Pillow - 22" x 22"

Hinson Palm Lumbar Pillow
Hinson Palm Lumbar Pillow - 22" x 14"

  timeless design

Some would say this motif is an incredibly well-traveled design, with its extremely intricate origin story. From its storied history dating back to the early 1940s when Lucile and Remy Chatain Sr. asked Albert Stockdale to render the now famous banana leaf motif, to when Hollywood decorator Don Loper featured it in one of America's most iconic hotels, all the way to Lady Gaga's New York City apartment; no matter what, the design has always been adored. This signature motif as a wallcovering and fabric is now available to our interior design community thanks to Harry Hinson's commitment to the industry, and there is everlasting gratitude for that, from all. Pattern licensed by CW Stockwell.

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