The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This captivating collection, created in collaboration with The Met, draws on archival heirlooms across The Met’s 17 curatorial departments to create a rich mosaic of historical narratives. Each design is a celebration of artisanship, inspired by exquisite forms and cultural traditions. Following our first collaboration with The Met in the 1970s, we bring museum magic into the home once again in homage to history and the grand beauty of art.


Silk Wallcovering

Silk was initially reserved for Chinese royalty, and for nearly 3,000 years, the Chinese held a global monopoly on silk production, guarding its secrets from the rest of the world. The demand for this exotic luxury fabric gave rise to the lucrative trade route known as the Silk Road, facilitating the westward transportation of silk and the exchange of gold, silver, and wool to the East. Centuries later, the Scalamandré Silk Wallcovering Collection empowers the interior design community to enhance any space with the quintessential symbols of luxury and elegance.


Avantgarde - Indoor/Outdoor

Inspired by the “Avant-garde Movement” this indoor/outdoor collection is comprised of fabric that has meaning and comfort expressed aesthetically through bold color and expressive motifs. This collection is a manifestation of a non-conformist lifestyle and stimulates what human beings crave: a raw expression of beauty and sustainability.

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